Before you start reading any reviews on this website, I should probably tell you a thing or two about how I am going to proceed with them.

Products reviewed

Unless specified otherwise, I only review products that I’ve bought with my own money, or that I’ve rented several times. While I may write about my impressions on a specific item, I won’t call that a review until I’ve spent a significant amount of time using it. Each review will be concluded with my opinion on whether I think this was a good purchase, and whether I would buy it again if I went back in time.


You won’t find here your traditional reviews, full of facts, specs and benchmark tests, or written like a buying guide.

I intend my reviews to be a bit more personal, telling a story about how I got my hands on that piece of equipment, how it fits into my workflow, and what is my personal experience of using it. For instance, if there’s a feature I don’t ever intend to use, there’s a chance I’m not going to talk about it, unless I can really see it being useful for a certain type of people.

The idea is that as you follow my post, you will hopefully get to know me and make your opinion on the product reviewed. It is not my place to tell you what to buy, but if you understand


Each review should give you the following information:

  • Why I picked that item over other options
  • How I’m using it
  • What I think about it.