Cédric Hauteville

Video game designer turned freelance photographer and film maker based in Surrey, England.

I started out with sports and event photography but I'm now more interested in portraits, conceptual and fine-art photography, and my pet project is street photography. Probably because of this, I tend to prefer shooting on location rather than in a studio.

I got dragged into the world of film making by one of my friends, helping her on short films. As a director, my interest leans towards non-fiction (documentaries, video portraits, etc.), but as a director of photography and editor, the challenges of short films highly appeal to me.

Thanks to 8 years of experience in a creative industry, I am used to direct and work with a team of creative types, as well as manage creative discussions with clients.

While I tend to work alone in most of my projects, I'm always interested in collaborating with new and talented people. If you're interested in booking my services or want to work on a collaboration, don't hesitate to send me a message using the contact form.

This blog

This is my blog for everything related to photography and film making. You may expect to find here gear reviews, assignments post mortems, opinion pieces, photoessays, tips, explanations of my workflows, etc.

Anything I write on this website is my personal opinion, and most of the time, they won’t be anything more than that. Gear/software reviews will likely be biased by the way I choose to work, tips and workflows will never be presented as “the only correct way to do X or Y”. Likewise, opinions expressed in guest posts are those of their respective authors, and I don’t necessarily endorse their views.