Adobe Prelude: Introduction and ingest strategies

Back in July, after filming my first interview for Back to the Source, I realised that managing all those files would rapidly become a headache. I asked around if there was any software designed to manage dailies and someone told me to take a look at Adobe Prelude. And so I did. And I’m glad. It’s a young product, but Prelude is an invaluable tool to use before you start on post-production, especially when you work on a project that’s not entirely scripted, such as a documentary.

This is the start of a series of articles regarding the use of Adobe Prelude in my documentary project. This is not supposed to show the one true way of using Prelude, but rather describe the various steps involved in using the software, the pipeline questions that one might ask themselves and my personal answers to those questions. Screenshots might sometimes seem inconsistent with what I’m writing, but that’s because my pipeline is evolving as I learn more about Prelude and I’m not going back to refactor my test project every time.